HTC’s latest – the C500 ?

HTCs latest   the C500 ? is reporting on a new device, predicted to arrive in just a month or two. The handset, known as the Orange C500 (why a “C” again? – remember when we were told that the E200 was to be called the C200?), is manufactured by HTC and is known as the “Typhoon”.

Apparently it will be 100g and measure 108mm x 46mm x 18mm. Now, I’ve got to be honest and say that this is the first I’ve heard about this handset. It looks a bit like the original Compal AR-11 (see here for info), a bit like the Sendo Z100 (click here for info) and a LOT like the Intel reference design! (See here)

Hmmmm.. why do a handset based on the Intel reference design when newer, funkier handsets are out and about ? Perhaps this is HTC’s hasty attempt at fending off new sexy MS handsets from Motorola (HTC make the SPV, E100 and E200 whilst Motorola have several new MS-powered handsets waiting to roll)?

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