AIM’s Trick Soccer – now available in our shop!

AIMs Trick Soccer   now available in our shop! If you’re a footie fan then you might be aware of a this little event in Portugal (COME ON ENGLAND! RAAARRR!!!) .. Ahem… Anyways, this ties in extremely nicely with TrickSoccer, by AIM. It’s a collection of 3 litlle games, and you can either play “Kickoff”, practice your penalties or have a go at “Footbag”, where you test your ball-handling skills. There’s also the option of doing all three in a “story” mode.

There’s excellent animation, sounds and control in this one – it’s great to challenge your mates too. There is the minor draw-back of it being called “Soccer” (damned Americans! hehehe) but Trick Soccer is well worth a download.

You DO have to pay for it (wait !) but it’s onlt £2.79 ! That’s good ruddy value, especially when you consider those muppets who pay 3 quid for a Nokia ringtone!

Grab it now by clicking here!.