6th Gear. Don’t think – just get it, now.

6th Gear. Dont think   just get it, now. It’s not often I feature software on the very front page of coolsmartphone.com, but I feel that 6th Gear is well worth a mention.

Just stop reading. Go on, bugger off. Just click here and try it out. It’s bloody fan-doobery-tastic, and the sheer speed of it will blow away any Java-games that your mates try and show off with. Now, if you’re still here, still reading this and haven’t downloaded a trial version or bought it, then here’s some stats….

  • Stunning 3D rendered graphics. (They are! No joke!)
  • Digitized sound and Quality music ! (It’s just like an arcade!)
  • 5 Scenery’s to choose from.
  • Customize your own car
  • Other settings features ……..
  • Vibration!
  • Weather conditions (Sun, Rain & Snow!)
  • Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard)
  • Damage Control
  • Fully customisable controls
  • MPH or KMH display
  • Auto or Manual gear shifting

  • Still here ? Go on ! Download 6th Gear now!