Messenger – now with added mobile stuff!

Messenger   now with added mobile stuff! Blimey it’s warm ain’t it ? At least, it is here in England. Shame that I’m stuck in the office sweating my arse off really. Ah well, over at there’s a story about the new improved MSN Messenger, which makes all your mobile-mates yellow ‘n stuff.

Microsoft have made moves to ensure that the mobile people are clearly defined in Messenger, which is all good. Yellow, according to the script means, “Any user who is now off-line but who was last time logged in from a mobile device” .. so there you go. Don’t forget that you can sent text messages from MSN Messenger to people on their mobiles.

The great thing about this (plus the fact that messenger is on every MS Smartphone too) is that you can find out that your mate is “sitting outside the pub enjoying the sunshine with a cold beer” while you’re slaving away at work.. .. great…

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