More MPx100 and Sagem myS-7 pics..

More MPx100 and Sagem myS 7 pics.. In amongst the hundreds of irritating “Wandadoo” adverts here at Mobinaute (the one that used to be are these piccies of the MPx100 and Sagem myS-7 handsets, shortly to appear on networks.

Yes, yes, that’s all good. But I do have to stop and say, what the FRIG is going on with these Wanadoo adverts at Mobinaute ?!?! Click here and see what you think. That’s just unbelievably irritating! I felt like closing the browser down after about 2 seconds.. It’s much the same knee-jerk reaction after I’ve spent an hour in traffic, get home, the phone rings and some irritating *** says….

“Hi, I wonder if we could take a moment or two of your time to explain the benefits of XXXXXX and the amount of cash it can save you ….. bla bla blaaaaaaaa”…

—SLAM!— No.. go away.. go away now..

Anyways, the pictures are available with a direct no-advert link here and have some jolly good close-ups of the OS running on both handsets. You can also see the “SPV E200 with a different case” QTek 8060 and the Pocket PC Motorola MPx. OH! Check out this video of the MPx100 and the Sagem myS-7 together too.

Source – Mobinaute /