E200 Car Kit Ready to Go

E200 Car Kit Ready to Go Over at SmartPhoneAddOns.com the E200 fully fitted car kit is now in stock and ready to roll, so have a butchers if you don’t wanna get caught by the cops! 馃檪

Suitable for the SPV E200, Qtek 8080, iMate2 and O2 X-phone, it needs professionally fitting, as it is a fully wired car kit however it features…..

路 One off Installation Cost
(Cradle can be easily changed for the XDA2 or SPV M1000)

路 No Visible Wires

路 Future Proof

路 Full vertical & horizontal movement of angle bracket

路 Easy latch/ replacement of cradle

路 Ergonomic design

路 Full duplex functionality

路 Integrated Radio Mute

路 Charge & Power facility

The Quinn Universal is the only car kit you’ll ever need. Once the base unit is installed, you simply have to slide in a new cradle should you change your phone. Upgradeable in seconds, the Quinn is designed to keep up with your lifestyle.

You can get it by clicking her to go to SmartPhoneAddOns.com and you can use your 10% discount too!