Cool Face !

Cool Face !

Cool Face is an image software for Smartphone that can change the face expression. It makes you adjust and beautify the face expression in your photo. Cool Face adopts the image morphology technology to mobile phone, it can let you treatment the face of photo with a good-natured face, more good-looking, more beautiful. Don’t worry about that you can�ft take the picture well enough, because you can use Cool Face to adjust your eyes a bit bigger, the nose is a bit narrower, or a bit higher, a sexy some of mouth, come another cordial smile. Believe you will certainly become ten thousand fans of people oh!


The operation interface of Cool Face is simple and direct, very easy to grasp! We have offered very rich and varied expression model to be suitable for your choosing, so long as several simple steps, your photo can be transferred into the expression that you want.



The main features of the Cool Face are :

1.    It is simple to operate, edit photos and is grasped easily

2.    Adopt the image morphology technology researched and developed by Aidem Systems.

3.    It supplies more than 10 kinds (angry, happy, tired, evil, cunning, animal, funny…) of expression. The abundant expression model can be applied mechanically

4.    Offer the preview function, but it is convenient fast to apply mechanically the expression model

5.    Can adjust power flexibly , let you access the most natural expression in all expressions

6.    Many kinds of different facial features associations (face, the mouth, eyes, nose, lip­) can be adjusted manually

7.    Adjust the shape of face in accordance with the proportion and width of the face

8.    Different expression models can be accumulated as you wish

9.    It supports the most popular image formats, such as BMP, JPEG and GIF.


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