AtomicLava – Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!

AtomicLava   Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!! You may have noticed the earlier stories about Well, the truth is I didn’t cover it here because it’s still in a controlled beta stage and they aren’t allowing many more people on.

However, I’ve asked them to let me into the beta program, and my thoughts ? Well, this program is absolutely, completely, utterly fantastic.

It’s well thought-out, it allows easy setup and there’s a fantastic front-end too. What does it do ? Well, it lets you “blog” so, sooooo easily… Just take a picture, write a little blog, add a title and then Sync up. This is really cool – it’s not online while you’re typing your blog – it’s not online while you’re taking the picture, it’s not online while you’re messing around – it’s ONLY online when you actually TELL it to be.

No messing around attaching pictures to emails, no setting up email accounts, no hassle ! You can even reply to peoples’ comments ON THE PHONE! Imagine, you’re on holiday and you take some pictures, you say, “wish you were here” and then you’re relatives can add a comments online – then you can see what they’ve written and write back – all through AtomicLava. This is a WICKED app and I for one wanna give the a massive round of applause on this one and I REALLY hope that this goes live soon, ‘cus it’s fantastically thought out, it works well and the whole package fits together perfectly.

For more info, click here to visit or you can check out my test Blog, live from my E200 MS Smartphone, click here or you can click on “My LIVE PhotoBlog” on the left ! 🙂