PicoDrive – Sega Megadrive Emulator for Smartphone

PicoDrive   Sega Megadrive Emulator for Smartphone

PicoDrive, the Sega MegaDrive emulator for Smartphones, has landed. It’s the first public release of PicoDrive for the MS Smartphone and available by clicking here.

PicoDrive for Smartphone is a port of FinalBurn.com’s PocketPC-based Megadrive/Genesis emulator. Not many games run yet, but those that do run at high speed on any Microsoft Smartphone.

Grab it for free, then copy the .exe files across to your Smartphone and run them using something like SmartExplorer. Then you need to grab some ROM’s.. you’ll have <COUGH!> to be the owner of the <COUGH!> original games before you do this <COUGH!> of course.. However, grab one and then copy it to the same directory as PicoDrive and you’re away. They have to be *.bin files, and you may find quite a few SMD files, but there’s plenty of converters out there. I had a go on Sonic and I must say that it kicks a huge pile of ass.

Click here to go to GamesForSmartphones.co.uk for more info!