Jeyo Personalizer – Essential!

Jeyo Personalizer   Essential! Thank flip it’s Friday. Yeah! I FEEL GREAT! 🙂 Why? Well, I had a looksie at this story about the Jeyo Personalizer, which is wicked free tool!

Install is quick and painless, although on my E200 it failed because the Orange update I did recently decides to stop reading the SD card when it feels like it….. which kinda effects the whole “ringtones from the SD card” idea too! AGGH!

This rather splendid program really scores high with me, as it allows the “average joe” to easily customize the Smartphone with skins / homescreens, ring tones and sounds, wallpapers, and programs. No more fishing around for special folders on your phone! No more poking around with settings! Jeyo Personalizer takes care of it all!

Download it for FREE at or from our downloads section.

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