Happy Buffday Orange!

Happy Buffday Orange! Today marks the tenth birthday of network operator Orange. Ten years ago today Orange set up the UK’s fourth mobile network in competition with BT’s Cellnet (now o2), Mercury One-2-One (now T-Mobile) and Vodafone.

At the time observers predicted that with more than 2m subscribers in the UK, the mobile market was saturated and Orange would never succeed. However, Orange now has 13.6m active customers in the UK and 49m worldwide – plus Orange were the first major network to bring us the Microsoft Powered Smartphone.

Using the now infamous catchphrase, “The future’s bright, the future’s Orange”, they have gone from strength to strength. Orange are still known as the “cool” network, with innovative advertising, ideas, branding, products and services.

Happy birthday Orange!

Source and more info – TheRegister.co.uk

UPDATE – Orange has now hit an amazing 50 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS