mPack – LoadsaUtils!

mPack   LoadsaUtils!

mPack helps make your Smartphone complete. Sure, the built-in software can do Calendar, Contacts, a little task tracking, and basic calculations, but what about all the other great things your Smartphone could do for you? What about taking quick notes? Timing your daily jog? Reading a classic book? Calculating a tip and splitting the check among all the people at the table? Figuring out how much a mortgage will cost each month while you’re visiting the property? And wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a little advice from an Inscrutable Oracle as often as you need it?

  • GREAT FUNCTIONALITY: 11 components covering a wide range of useful functionality and fun.

  • TINY & FAST: mPack takes up less than 100KB of storage – less than many individual Smartphone utilities from other companies. Components launch quickly and save your settings so that you can pick up right where you left off.

  • CLUTTER-FREE: mPack is a single application, so it won’t spam your Programs/Start menu with a slew of entries.

  • DESIGNED FOR SMARTPHONE: Many current Smartphone applications are simply ports of desktop PC or Pocket PC programs. mPack was designed from the very beginning to be a Smartphone product.

  • EASY INSTALLATION AND UPGRADES: With a single install, you get all of the mPack components. When a new version is released, a single download and install ensures that all components are updated to the latest versions. This means you have only one product to keep track of, rather than a dozen separate utilities all updated at different times!

Download the mPack beta, and let us know what you think!


mPack   LoadsaUtils! Main Screen

  • The main screen first displays a list of categories. Within each category, you can launch individual components
  • Components are not fully loaded until you activate them, saving memory and boosting performance
mPack   LoadsaUtils! TipCalc

  • Enter the check total, tip percentage, and the number of people – TipCalc does the rest.
  • Supports Euro currency symbol (€) when selected in Smartphone’s Regional Settings.
mPack   LoadsaUtils! QuickCalc

  • A unique mPack component, QuickCalc lets you easily do complex calculations with many steps.
  • Supports + – * / pow +/- 1/x and sqrt operators
  • Left/right arrow buttons switch the operator for the current line – simply flip to the one you want
  • Calculation is cumulative for the entire column
  • All settings are saved – come back later and change any number or operator and the entire column is instantly recalculated
  • Answers in scientific notation when necessary
mPack   LoadsaUtils! Loans & Savings

  • Three different calculations:
       – Monthly loan payment
       – Maximum loan
       – Savings growth
  • Calculations saved for future use
mPack   LoadsaUtils! QuickNotes

  • Use left soft button to pick any of 9 notes with just two button presses (Left soft button + note number)
  • Notes, are automatically saved – no need to name them – just type away
  • Send the current note via email
mPack   LoadsaUtils! QuickReader
We didn’t think reading books on a Smartphone’s small screen would be possible. We were pleasantly surprised!

  • Finds all .txt files including those on a storage card (excluding system folders)
  • Automatically reformats text files, including those with non-standard line breaks
  • Percentage of book completed shown in titlebar
  • Fast paging performance
  • Most recently used book and page are automatically restored each time QuickReader is launched
  • Find thousands of free classic books at sites like Project Gutenberg, or use your own text files
mPack   LoadsaUtils!

mPack   LoadsaUtils!


  • Two modes – stopwatch & countdown timer
  • Stopwatch tracks up to 99 individual laps including time for each individual lap as well as elapsed time when each lap was completed
  • If your phone supports an accurate high resolution clock, displays hundredths of a second
  • When stopwatch is not visible, goes into low power mode to conserve battery, but immediately updates and continues when visible again. Stopwatch applications without this feature can devastate battery life.
mPack   LoadsaUtils! Coin Toss

  • Press Toss soft button – Heads or Tails appears
  • Shows history of tosses
mPack   LoadsaUtils! Inscrutable Oracle

  • Ask your question, and get an answer from the Inscrutable Oracle
  • No need to travel to a distant mountaintop to gain wisdom of the ages
  • Advice is timely, incisive, and delivered with panache
mPack   LoadsaUtils! Flashlight

  • Use left/right buttons to change colors (white for maximum light, red to preserve night vision, etc)
  • On/Off switch to block/show the light
mPack   LoadsaUtils! App Manager

  • Shows all currently running applications
  • Close applications to free memory and improve performance
  • Kill applications that are hung and will not close normally
  • Switch to any application in the list
  • Displays free program memory so you can see how much memory is released when each app is closed
mPack   LoadsaUtils! Power & Memory

  • Power and charging status for main battery
  • Main battery voltage and temperature (not accurate on all Smartphones)
  • Backup battery status
  • Displays memory information for:
       RAM (program memory)
       Temp (temporary memory used by programs)
       Flash (storage memory)
       Card# (storage cards inserted in the phone)
  • NOTE: Not all information is displayed on all Smartphones, depending on manufacturer support.

For answers to commonly asked questions, consult the mPack FAQ, or download it here.