More MPx220 mumblings

More MPx220 mumblings See I reckon you’re an 8 or a 9, maybe a 9 and a half in four beers time.. Yes, it’s bloody catchy isn’t it ? Even the entire lyrics are here!

Anyways.. where was I ? Yes yes, oh yay. There’s more rumours that the well-hidden Motorola MPx220 (the jazzed-up MPx200 clamshell handset with camera and bluetooth) will be hitting French streets in June. We’re not sure what provider it will be on, but apparently “Rogers Wireless” (what a daft name for a network that is! It sounds like some old blokes’ radio) may be announcing it in Canada. These rumours stem from an ITR News article which interviewed Francis-Regis Turquet, general manager of Motorola PCS France. This has also been picked up by Mobile Gadget News (

So what do I reckon ? Arse.. That’s what I reckon. 🙂 My arse. Maybe Christmas more like. I can’t see this handset appearing in a little over a month from now, but it IS worth waiting for. As is the MPx100, which looks wicked too. It’s fit, but my gosh don’t you know it!