iMate 2 hits New Zealand

iMate 2 hits New Zealand have a good review of the iMate 2 Smartphone, which is now available via Vodaphone in New Zealand.

This handset is made by HTC – named “Voyager” and badged as the “Orange E200” here in Europe and the iMate 2 in New Zealand. The iMate 2 is being promoted heavily by Vodaphone over there, and the review shows the Vodaphone “tweaks” that have been made to the home and menu screens.

Although Orange are great, and they’ve done a spectacular job launching Smartphones with the Windows Mobile OS, we’d love to see more network providers picking up the MS Smartphone. However, with Orange already badging the E200 as an “Orange phone”, we doubt whether many european networks will push the E200 yet. Perhaps networks like o2, Vodaphone, Virgin and T-Mobile will be interested in the Sagem or the MPx100 or even the Voq

Check the review here.