What’s an MVP?

Whats an MVP?

You guys may have heard me mention the “MVP” thing previously. What is all this “MVP” stuff I hear you ask ? (Maybe) 🙂 Well, it stands for “Most Valuable Professional” and is a yearly award given out by Microsoft to those who’ve helped the community and made a difference in their field.

Still don’t know ? Well, it’s true – I’d honestly never heard of an “MVP” before Microsoft approached me either. I take it as a recognition from someone – except in this case it’s Microsoft, so that’s good recognition! 🙂 For me, I’m a “Mobile Devices” MVP, and it means I get to talk at the MS guys directly – so we can all help to evolve and develop this cool phone! 🙂

Today it’s been announced that more people are to join the MVP programme in the Mobile Devices arena. They are…

Manop Agrasut
Rob Borek
Robert Boyd
Rey Flores
Mauricio Freitas
Bob Katayama
Pat Logsdon

Huzza! Oh, and for more info on the MVP thing, go to this Microsoft page.