It’s that time again..

Its that time again.. Yes folks, it’s that time again – the quarterly bills for bandwidth and hosting. This time they aren’t too bad, but I’m gonna try hard to pull on your heart strings here. 😉 😉 is .. me, basically. I put the majority of the news and articles on here – although a sizeable chunk is submitted by you lot too. During the past 4 months I’ve received 5 quid in donations, and that went straight toward the sofa. Now, if you guys care about my sofa, and want me to sit comfortably while I do another 2 or 3 hours worth of slaving on this site (is this guilt-trip working yet?), then please do empty your pockets of a few quid. A fiver, or whatever, goes a long way..

So go on, hit the button below and give me a comfy bum..

(Brought to you in association with “Oh no, the missus has got another 3 points on her licence and that’s gonna push up the insurance”.com and “One trip to B&Q seems to cost 200 quid”