Unlock that E200 and check this out!

Unlock that E200 and check this out! You may know that the recent E200 update relocks you handset (application lock) – what this does is stop you from loading / installing stuff that’s not “signed”. To get around this there is now only one way…

1) http://www.developers.orange.co.uk/devzone/
2) Click “Signature Devices” on the left
3) Click the SPV E100 in the middle (why isn’t this an E200 Orange?!) 
4) Click disable/enable security model in the middle
5) Click disable/enable security certificate at the bottom of the middle
6) Follow the instructions

Why do I mention this? Well, just check this rolling demo of the soon-to-be completed SPACRally 3D. Although you can’t play it, you can move the camera angle around and … well, just check out the speed of that 3D! Give it a bash now, and stay tuned – because we should see the playable version available very soon!!!!!