A right little gem! T9 Editor util..

A right little gem! T9 Editor util.. This shows great promise – it’s T9 editor that sits on your PC and allows you to add custom words into the T9 database on your phone.

It’s still in it’s early stages – and to use it you have to go ActiveSync your phone, copy the “\Storage\Application Data\System\mst9.udb” file to your local PC, then edit it with the T9 Editor, then copy back.

I like this, it’s very handy and I’d love to see it developed so it interfaces with the phone directly and edits the file that way.

You’ll need the .NET framework to run this util, and so far it’s only been tested with Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphones (E200 etc).

Give it a go, see what you think. Big thanks to Stephen Kay for sending this in and coding the thing!

Download by logging in and clicking here now. Instructions are in the Zip file.