I want one !!!!!! :)

I want one !!!!!! :) I’ve had 1…2…3,4,… well, about 500 emails asking me, “how do I change my case”, or “I wanna change my facia, how do I do it?”. Up until now it’s not been as easy as the Nokia handsets, which seem to have all manner of extra bits on markets and stalls.

However, I think it’s well worth reading this article over at Mobile Gadget News, which tells you how to get a stick-on “wrap” for your phone to make it look like this.

The “wraps” (no jokes please!) were made by a company called “Cozy Phone”, who have already done the same to Pocket PC’s and their contact info can be found in this forum link. Unfortunately they don’t appear to have a website or any web-ordering, instead you simply take your favourite photo and your mobile up to their kiosk…….. in California.

I really like this, and I’d be interested to know if anyone does anything similar over here (Europe). The Cozy Phone ones range from a mere $19 for each wrap – which at the current exchange rate is peanuts to us Brits (about 11 quid) 😉

Check out their work in this forum.

For a picture of the customized SPV E100, click here.
For a picture of the customized MPx200, click here.

Source – Mobile Gadget News.com

Are you in Europe ? Do you do these Vinyl stick-on designs for MS Smartphones?? Click here and tell me!!