Tiny phone, big screen.. Phhwwwoarrr..

Tiny phone, big screen.. Phhwwwoarrr.. More pictures of the Sagem MyS-7 here at MSMobileNews.com (taken from mobile-review.com).

The phone is nice and compact, but has a very large screen that covers the majority of the handset. The earpiece socket is on the top of the headset and Sagem are touting the Java and inbuilt camera capabilities of the handset too. The handset appears to be just shorter than the SPV, and can be seen in these images from CeBIT.

Another thing we’ve noticed of course is that this particular handset is shown running the very latest version (Second Edition) of Windows Mobile 2003 (note the “Windows” logo on the “Start” button).

Source – MSMobilesNews.com