MPx100 – a closer look

MPx100   a closer look The MPx100 and the Sagem are, to be honest, a bit similar in the way they look. The major differences are the inbuilt camera (the Sagem will have a 640×480 pixel camera like the E200 has now, whereas the MPx100 will have a 1.3 megapixel camera) and Bluetooth (no Bluetooth in the Sagem unfortunately).

Over here at there’s some more info about the up-coming MPx100 handset and the Windows Mobile 2003 OS behind it. It has been claimed that the Sagem is in fact made by MiTAC, although we’re thinking that possibly the handset on display at CeBIT was running a test build of the OS which was previously meant for a MiTAC.. who knows.

Update – Grab the promotional PDF sheets for the Motorola MPx100 here and for the Motorola MPx here. (You need to be logged in). These sheets reveal :-

-Due to be launched second half of 2004
-Integrated Bluetooth
-A Stereo Bluetooth headset will be available to listen to “tunes on the go”
-1.3 Mega pixel camera, triple “super bright LED” flash, 3x zoom
-GPS Bluetooth Receivers available

-Due to be launched second half of 2004
-2.8″ 240×320 TFT Touch Screen

-802.11b Wi-fi Built in
-Integrated Bluetooth
-Compatible with all Pocket PC apps
-Full QWERTY keyboard.