MiTAC 8860 on show

MiTAC 8860 on show The MiTAC is a mystery for me – I’ve never handled one and I haven’t seen one on sale here in Europe. However, the 8860 has been shown at CeBIT and the .. rather big handset can be seen here. These phones seem big to me.. I don’t know why – it’s just what I see from the pictures. In comparison to the MPx200, they just do.

Anyways, there’s some pics of it in action here at msmobiles and here at The camera isn’t too high quality, but they are boasting of working wi-fi drivers and slick Java.

It looks similar to the MiTAC 8390 – in fact it’s the same size… still… big.. and it has one of those pointy things on the top that we thought we’d never see again.. 😉