MPx200 Gone?…

MPx200 Gone?... We’ve already run a major story about the loss of the MPx200 on the Orange network. However, although news about the same thing happening in the States ( may be slightly exaggerated, it’s still sad to see this phone slipping off the radar.

Are they clearing the way for the MPx100, the MPx and maybe the MPx220 ? Who knows… lots of reasons have been given for the removal of the Orange MPx200, but nothing definite (still) from Orange UK. People are now emailing me to say that Orange are no longer offering an E200 as a swap for damaged / broken MPx200 handsets – but rather a Handspring Treo (with golf trolley!) or a Nokia 6600.. Apparently these are the two comparable devices.

We like the MPx200. It’s a well designed, well thought-out, well put-together handset and even with Smartphone 2002 (now a slightly older OS), it was damned cool.

Come on Moto.. where’s that MPx220 and the MPx100?