Overclock your Mitac!

Overclock your Mitac! Well, it was only a matter of time ! Check out NovoMobile.com for information on downloading Smartphone Turbo – which will overclock your Mitac Smartphone.

Can it be done on the SPV range or Moto ?

NovoMobile.com say…

“Tested on Mitac MIO 8380 and 8390. This program CANNOT damage your device since the processor is designed to run with higher clock rates.”

“NOTE: This program will not run on TI-OMAP powered SmartPhones like Motorola MPx200, SPV or QTEK. Theoretically it’s possible to do the same tweaks but Texas Instruments refuses to publish the processor specification. We would need to buy 1000 or more processors to get the documentation we need. If you want the application for your TI-OMAP powered device too please ask Texas Instruments and not us.”

More info – NovoMobile.com