Busy weekend..

Busy weekend.. 🙂 I’ll be honest here and say that I’ve been driving round in a right s*it heap of a vehicle for a good many years now. This weekend it’s all change, and the “tank” (as I lovingly referred to it as), has now been traded in. I’ve now moved up to the ranks of Alan Partridge with my new vehicle, so I’m a bit busy figuring out what all the knobs and buttons do!

Anyways, whilst I was browsing around the net (I ALWAYS get sidetracked whenever I go to Yahoo.co.uk because the F1 babes are always on the front page… I mean – it’s got all the right ingredients. Lager sponsorship, gorgeous girls not wearing much and fast cars…

But anyway – what was I gonna say? Oh yeah, over at the mighty MoDaCo.com, there’s a member called WouterN who’s got himself a Sierra Wireless Voq Smartphone on test – feel free to ask him questions by clicking here.