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GoTrek/m-Vision Newsletter – March 2004

It’s a big month as we announce the launch
of m-Vision on the Smartphone! And to celebrate we’re also offering
the Basic Package FREE to m-Vision subscribers up until March 21,
2004! We’ve also got two new Premium Channels available to GoTrek
and m-Vision users – Business EV and Education EV! We bring you
all the latest news on the upcoming TheBestMix Music Competition
2004 and keep you up to date with all the latest video content available
to GoTrek and m-Vision. Check it out…

In this month’s newsletter we cover:

If you are yet to download your FREE GoTrek
or m-Vision please use the following links –

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Not only can you experience the power of
television on your Windows Mobile 2002 or higher edition Pocket
PC, Pocket PC Phone, now m-Vision is available to download on your

And to celebrate we’re offering the Basic
Package FREE when you download m-Vision today. Simply download your
FREE m-Vision software
and you will have access to all the great content
already available to Basic Package subscribers including –

  • Music including new releases, top ten
    charts and dance

  • 12 Video Horoscopes, updated weekly
  • Movie Releases including cinema and home

  • TheBestMix featuring videos from TheBestMix
    Music Competition

  • Home Shopping (Australia Only)
  • International Business featuring market

  • Australian Sports Scoreboard
  • International Sports including scoreboards
    and match highlights

  • Weather Reports both for Australia, Asia
    Regional and Worldwide

  • m-Vision tips of the week featuring tips
    on using your Pocket PC

  • Australian Business and Finance including
    Stock Picks and a Daily Market Outlook

But be quick, offer ends March 21, 2004!
If you’re already subscribed to m-Vision, check your content preferences
today to see the great new content now available with the Basic

check whether your mobile device supports m-Vision click here

It’s time to welcome our newest Premium Channel
to m-Vision and GoTrek EV – Business EV – The most effective corporate
communication channel for –

  • IPOs
  • Corporate Communications
  • Product Launches
  • Car Launches
  • Properties
  • Cities/Tourism

Business EV is a video communications
hosting and distribution service
, which allows businesses to
direct their customers, shareholders, investors and any other stakeholders
to access their video communication in television quality in an
online environment regardless of their internet connection speed.

Viewers of Business EV also receive the latest
in share market and other financial news and analysis delivered
to them daily to their PC desktop or their Pocket PCs and Microsoft

Download m-Vision now and select Business
EV under Content Preferences in the Options Menu to receive Business
EV content. See for yourself how exciting this new communication
medium is. On fixed line or wireless, on broadband or dialup, once
you have experienced the video magic of Business EV, you won’t be
able to do without it.

Service Pricing

For as little as $500 a month or $5000 a year, Business EV delivers
your communications globally in a most cost effective manner, over
the most pervasive medium the world has ever invented, the public
internet. Business EV also offers a complete premium multimedia
package, from assisting in producing an interview video to editing
your business’s existing video to distribution of the video communication
to your customers, shareholders and investors, wherever they are,
via the internet, via the patented GoTrek technology. For more information
on how to take advantage of this exciting service, contact Anthony
Voglis on (03) 9993 7077 or email at [email protected].

Before 30 June, 2004 and until further notice,
there will be no charge by GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd, provider
of this service, to GoTrek EV viewing audience who elect to receive
the Business EV channel.

here for more information on Business EV

Want to speak, read and write English
the way the English do? Then Education EV, our new Premium Channel
for m-Vision and GoTrek EV is for you!

So you have decided that it’s time to learn
English properly, you have read many books on English but still,
nobody can understand what you say or write in English. The audio
tapes are great but you just cannot follow them when they use BIG
words like RUDIMENTARY instead of ELEMENTARY or why not just “simply
basic”? An education TV show would be perfect but finding time in
your busy schedule is never easy. Now with Education EV, you can
use the power of the Internet to help you learn English. How, read

English Bites is currently one of ABC TV
Asia Pacific’s most popular English Learning programs and its now
available on Education EV. Each week you will receive a new episode
of English Bites as well as 3 weeks of previous programs all delivered
to your PC, Pocket PC, or Microsoft Smartphone.

Education EV is the latest online video delivery
medium for English learning. To subscribe to Education EV you must
first download and install GoTrek EV, then right click the EV icon
located in your systems tray and select the ‘Subscribe’ option.
Alternatively you can click the ‘Subscribe’ button in your GoTrek
Media Playlist screen. Prior to subscribing to Education EV short
video samples will be delivered directly to your PC, these can be
accessed via your GoTrek Media Playlist. See for yourself how exciting
this new learning tool is. On fixed line or wireless, on broadband
or dialup, once you have experienced the video magic of Education
EV, for as little as A$5 a month, you too can speak like the English

here for more information on Education EV


Well the Oscars are now over, but the new movies roll on as we continue
to preview the latest flicks to hit the cinema screen. First up
is Julia Roberts new one, Mona Lisa Smile, with a quality cast including
Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles, set in the 1950s, it’s based upon
a free-spirited graduate of UCLA who accepts a teaching post at
Wellesley College. Cate Blanchett stars alongside Tommy Lee Jones
and Val Kilmer in The Missing, posing the question ‘how far would
you go to get back what you have lost?’. And funnyman Ashton Kutcher
gets serious for his role in The Butterfly Effect, a sci-fi thriller
where heading back in time to a disturbing past begins affecting
the future in unpredictable ways! Check out these and many more
movie trailers, including Under the Tuscan Sky, Hidalgo and Haunted
Mansion, available this month on GoTrek EV and m-Vision.


And there’s plenty of big artists back with killer tracks this month
in Music. Kylie does it again with her track Red Blooded Woman,
while fellow Aussies, George, return with their new one ‘Still Real’.
We also take a look back at some of the classic tracks from the
past couple of years in their entirety, including The Vines rocking
out on ‘Get Free’ and The Corrs with ‘I Never Really Loved You Anyway’.
All this and more this month in Music.

And don’t forget to check your Premium Channels
in the Options menu to see what tantalizing content available to
you on your GoTrek EV and m-Vision!

Visit www.gotrek.com.au or www.m-vision.tv for all the latest news and updates.