Motorola full of beans !

Motorola full of beans ! Jacek from recently managed to get an interview with head honcho of Motorola – Michael Tatelman. It’s a very interesting read. In it Motorola emerges supremely confident about their new range of Windows Mobile based handsets, and even poke fun at their opposition – Voq and the HTC devices!

Michael refused to be drawn on the MPx220 rumours, or comment on leaked photos – he also refused to state whether it would even come into production, suggesting that it may just be a design idea.

There’s a big “no” to upgrading of the MPx200 to Windows Mobile 2003, but they’re backing this excellent black handset 100%. He does however, confirm the megapixel camera for the MPx and the MPx100 and also says … yes to Java, yes to voice activated dialling and much much more.

Moto – you doth rule. As my mate said the other night, “Moto know their phones” – and bloody right he is. The MPx100 is already looking like one slick handset, with the MPx hitting headlines all around the web. BRING IT ON!

Full interview –