Smartphone skin-master talks to

Smartphone skin master talks to Just look at the skin on the right.. check it out. Better still, check out the other skins by Kl1wdr here. Go on – drink it in.. Oooooo .. Oooooooooo !!! Go on, say it with me “Ooooooooooossshh!” .. that’s how good they are. Tippy-top quality skins to make your MS Smartphone shine. No crappy-arse Nokia logos here lads ‘n lasses – welcome to the next century!

The ever-fantastical have managed to get an interview with Kleinweder, or kl1wdr as we know him – who crafted these lovely homescreens and skins. Give it a read – in it Kl1wdr talks about how he makes his homescreens, how they’re developed and packaged.

Interview – here at

Kl1wdr’s fantastic website and skins here.

Get the CoolSmartPhone skin by Kl1wdr here.