3GSM – The MPx and MPx100 Announced!

3GSM   The MPx and MPx100 Announced! No doubt there is probably more interest in this show than any other for us Microsoft Smartphone users. Pictures from PPCW.net show the show in Cannes and new Microsoft Windows Mobile handsets should be on display. It’s also worth checking out MSMobiles.com too!

We’ve already seen the MPx300 – to be known as the MPx here on a billboard at the Motorola stand, but now the Motorola website here at motorola.com is showing the MPx too! On the same site they also reveal the MPx100 – both handsets have already been seen here on coolsmartphone.com last week. Plus, this Motorola press release confirms the amazing 1.3 Megapixel inbuilt camera on the MPx100 and Bluetooth too! Still nothing about the MPx220, but there’s still time yet…..

More specs and info regarding the MPx100 and MPx specs and software pack – here at PPCW.net