What’s going on here?

Whats going on here? The Orange SPV E200 (AKA the HTC Voyager / QTek 8080 etc) is cutting edge technology coupled with cutting edge software. Thousands of people have worked on this handset, crafted it and developed it – then thousands more have helped develop the software to power it. After hitting the streets, the E200 helped countless people do more with their phone than ever before.

But….. what about those who want to use it as a video camera? Sure, you can do that … And what if you want to film you and your mates going crazy in the London Underground after a posh dinner ? Well.. errmmm.. it’s not on the specifications.. but.. I guess you can! It’s exactly what Elliot and his mates did recently in Leicester Square Underground Station. See the results in this 2Meg movie file, with added graphics and titles – but all filmed on an Orange SPV E200 powered by Windows Mobile.

This glorious footage can be downloaded directly by right-clicking here and choose “Save as”, or you can left click it if you’ve got a faster connection. This will be added to the downloads section soon.