My request

My request So – the MPx220 comes apparently with a 1.3 Megapixel camera (see our news item here) and Advanced messaging with POP3, MulitMedia Messaging Service (MMS)!


My MPx200 comes with an MMS client from It doesn’t work properly with the home screen in that the plugin is different and.. well, read about it here. This must NOT happen again. If this handset is to have SUCH a good camera then the MMS craze must work correctly on these handsets. It must also be integrated properly – not a last minute bolt-on.

The one thing I cannot do with an MS Smartphone at present is use MMS properly. Nokia and P900 users (amongst many others) pick up their handsets and use it straight away – within minutes. Users of the MS Smartphone have trouble with their camera phones – let’s make sure this is integrated and functioning as part of the core functionality of every MS Smartphone – whether 2002 or 2003 or beyond – from now on.

While I’m here – just wanted to say thanks to the comments from Matt at – they made me smile! 🙂