m-Vision – nice idea!

m Vision   nice idea! This service, from m-Vision is quite cool. What it appears to do, from the testing I’ve done is…

1) Install a “client” on your Smartphone (free)

2) Offer you a choice of TV packages to subscribe to

3) You use the client to download the channels through the MS Smartphones’ cradle (fast internet connection)

4) You can then watch optimized video content – ANYWHERE on your Smartphone. No break-ups, no GPRS costs.

The catch? Well, they’ve included a free sample or two, which is all good, but to get more you have to pay for a TV package for your phone.. Adult Channels are available of course.

I like this idea, I really do. To have your Smartphone download content whilst hooked into the PC, then you can view it on the bus / train home is fantastic. With a fairly chunky SD memory card you can easily store entire programs and watch them on your way into / out of the office – and they HAVE done an excellent job on the encoding – it is spot on. m-Vision are based in Australia, and subscribing to their Basic TV package is (AUS) $10 a month if you purchase a year up-front, that’s about £4.18 a month.

Again, I love this idea – although I doubt I’d pay for Australian TV. Getting content while your phone is sitting in the cradle via ActiveSync – preferably automatically, from the web, then allowing the user to browse that content whilst “out and about” – this is the key, and it’s the way forward.