3GSM – Wot is it about?

3GSM   Wot is it about? The 3GSM Expo begins next week – but most people reading this will be saying, “Wha the hell is that all about?”. Well, imagine it like a Motor Show for Phones.

All the big players will be there, Microsoft in Hall 1 and 4, plus Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia etc etc. The whole event kicks off in Cannes, France in just a couple of days. You can get all the latest news and piccies from both Jpzr at MSMobiles.com and a Photo Blog from Arne at PPCW.net – both of whom will be at the show.. so lets hope there’s no fisty-cuffs. …… Blimey – I can’t believe I just said “fisty-cuffs” (for our international readers, this means a punch-up!)

I myself won’t be there, as I have hugely important things to do (so my missus tells me), such as buying a new Sofa, getting some curtains, a new fireplace and a table and chairs for the dining room. Plus I need to get a new car too, because the content and colour of the smoke puffing out of my present “shed on wheels” is moving from the “worry about it a bit, but just keep flying up and down the motorway anyway”-stage to the “I think it’s about to blow up”-stage.

Anyways – here at CoolSmartPhone HQ (my laptop, in the kitchen, as I burn yet more food into an unrecognised lump of charcoal) – I get to hear certain things. I can’t tell you guys everything – I’d get shot if I did – but I think you should all keep a very close eye on this site over the next few days….