Moto special ! More on the MPx300!

Moto special ! More on the MPx300! Here’s another shot of the Motorola MPx300, complete with stylus and Windows Mobile 2003 onboard. We expect to see a silver “Dynamic” range of MPx’s too, which will be silver like this one here.

This handset is set to hit the Pocket PC Phone market soon. We don’t wanna over-state it too much, but the Motorola MPx range is gonna kick some quite serious ass. The build quality and style of the MPx200, which is available now, is already well known. The review I did here of the MPx200 is a reflection of that, and I personally have high hopes for the MPx range. Go out and get yourself a Motorola MPx200 today and you can see for yourself!

Update – Since this article was published we’ve seen further pictures, including the operation of the keyboard here at