Moto rumours..

Moto rumours.. More gossip is trickling through to me about the much-talked-about Motorola MPx range, which is due to take the Smartphone world by storm.

Motorola are still keeping quiet on the MPx range, apart from the MPx200 – which is selling like lager. They flatly deny anything about the MPx220, but – like I said before – Motorola as a company have lifted the Microsoft Smartphone to a totally new level and fair play to them.

We’re thinking that images and info on the web may have appeared from the designer (ODM) of the handset and prototypes are rumoured to be knocking about. We’ve been told that some Motorola MPx handsets – the MPx100 and the MPx300 – will be appearing at the 3GSM congress in Cannes next week. We’re hearing that the MPx100 will be running Windows Mobile 2003 and looks like a much smaller version of the Sony Ericcson P900 in the “candy bar style”. People are buzzing about the MPx100, saying it looks very slick, with GPRS, Bluetooth, Tri-Band, GPS Navigation and route planning!

The other handset, shown in our earlier story seems to be called the “MPx300” or simply the “MPX”. We can’t see much on the pictures so far, but apparently it’s a Nokia Communicator type product, with a fold out QWERTY keyboard and is running Windows Mobile – although we think this may be the Pocket PC version, as it comes with Pocket Word and Excel etc.

Again we’re hearing June / July for the MPx220, but there’s testing and lots more hurdles before we get to see them on the street.

For the latest from the 3GSM World Congress 2004 – check next week.. especially Tuesday maybe..