Working together!

Working together! and are now working together to make the worlds biggest collection of Smartphone videos. Brian and Bobby are hoping that the new is going to be a massive success. They have loads of new videos, plus all the ones from will be added soon! (some are there now). There’s also a new member area which is free! Plans for the near future – There will be a collection of the better quality MPG videos.

Bobby has also emailed to answer our story about rumoured MPx200 supply problems. Bobby says, “Our lass works at Phones4U and they seem to have a good stock of them in. You can point folks in that direction, and if they come to the Darlington store get them to mention and our lass will get the commission for the sale! You’ll be pleased to know that every MPx200 she sells she points folks to coolsmartphone, so we’re helping out in our little way!”

Hehhehe! The cheeky blighter. 🙂