Motorola Communicator

Motorola Communicator Rumours are swirling about the new Motorola A630 Communicator, which has already been seen out on and The handset, which resembles the Nokia Communicator, is a nice looking device.

But the rumours? Well, apparently at the heart of this device is the Windows Mobile 2003 Operating System – the very same OS (probably tweaked slightly though) as the SPV E200. Rumours have already been kicked around the Microsoft Smartphone Newsgroups and these have been picked up on by websites like .. but is it true ? Or is it a rumour? Well, I’m of the belief that Motorola are going to stick to the “MPx” prefix for their MS-based handsets, so having “A630” wouldn’t seem right, but stranger things have happened – so if you know anything about this or have some further evidence, gimme a shout via the Contact page.

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