MPx200 Supply Dry ?

MPx200 Supply Dry ? A few emails this week regarding the MPx200. Apparently people are having problems getting hold of this excellent MS Smartphone. Excuses by shops range from simply having none to “faults”. Even the Orange Shop Online doesn’t have any. So what’s happening ? Well, I quite simply don’t know. What I do know is that – yes – it has been selling quick. Maybe it’s just too damned popular here in the UK ?

Where’s those MPx200’s ? There’s about as many cars on the M6 Toll as there is MPx200’s in shops – and that’s low.. Have you seen any ? (While I’m waffling about motorways, they’re planning to raise the speed limit of motorways to 80mph today.. yeah… like NO-ONE ever goes THAT FAST…)

Orange – do you have any more info ? Get in touch!