Beta testing opportunity!

Beta testing opportunity! I’ve just had an email from the guys at Astraware – they’re a massively successful software house who design games for Palm, Pocket PC, Windows PC and (of course!) the MS Smartphone!! The email sounds like a big opportunity for readers. Here’s their email….

Astraware are looking for beta testers! Specifically, we’re after people with Microsoft Smartphones to help us with testing some exciting new games. All our beta tests are conducted through our online bulletin boards, so you’ll want to sign up to those as well.

Apart from getting to play the games before anyone else does, one of the biggest advantages of being an Astraware beta tester is that if you help with the beta of a new game, once it’s released we send the testers involved a free registration code for it – the more new games you help test, the more you’ll end up getting for free!

One point to be noted is that all our beta testers must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and so you must be 18 years old or over.

Sound good? Visit the beta testing information page at to look over the details, as well as instructions on how to get hold of the NDA and what to do with it!”