The MPx220 in the flesh!!?!

The MPx220 in the flesh!!?! There’s been a lot of talk about the Motorola MPx220. This will be the next handset (hopefully) from Motorola featuring the Windows Mobile / MS Smartphone operating system. After the phenomenal success of the Motorola MPx200, which is completely free on both upgrade and new purchases for most networks, hopes are being piled onto the MPx220 as THE killer MS Smartphone. Today Smartphone 2000 found this piccy (right) of the new Motorola MPx220! It comes from Mobile Gazette, and shows the integrated camera where the current Motorola “M” logo is on the MPx200. My guess is that this image was not meant to be published though, as I can’t see an article which uses it on their website.

If you’re interested in the MPx220 then this article by Matt M at MTekk IT is definitely worth a read. If anyone from Motorola wants to contact me under NDA, then please do! 🙂

More info – MTekk IT

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