SmarTweak – we like!

SmarTweak   we like! It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the guys at SmartGV, as they’ve lots of MS Smartphone software in development and ready to download. For me personally I’ve been eagerly waiting SmartDesiginer, which will allow you to easily create full skins.

Their SmartCAB software has already proved popular, as it allows users to easily copy and then automatically run CAB files from their PC to their Smartphone. This is similar to Paul’s excellent SmartRun utility (which MUST be downloaded!), except that SmartCAB is a French-language tool.

Out recently though is SmarTweak, which kicks arse big time! Not only can you change you Startup and Shutdown screens, but pretty much every other screen too ! “Call in progress” screens, sounds, the lot.. Look – just stop reading this and download it. This is an essential tool and it’s bloody brilliant – end of. 🙂 Did I mention that ALL the software was free!!? Well it is, but feel free to contribute to this worthy coder!

Bad point ? Well, although it’s free you need to send a code off to an email address and await your serial number so that the coder knows how many people like his software. All good, but this doesn’t appear to be automated.. I’m still waiting for mine.. sob..

Click here to grab SmarTweak V2
Source – SmartGV