They’re back!

Theyre back! In a blatant act of sexism, I’ve brought back the “sexy” backdrops, which you can use with any homescreen layout. You may remember in the “early days” of the MS Smartphone, many people sent in errrmm.. well, very, very naughty pictures. I put them in the “Over 18’s” sections, however……………..

The new ladies section here (log in first) is only for “nice” pictures of girls – I don’t want any porn, and all submissions will be checked. The sort of pictures you’ll see here are about the same as those found on the front of several PC and console magazines.

Click here for the all-new ladies section here.

GIRLS ! Do you have piccies of blokes that you’d like to submit? Send them into me and I’ll create a section called “blokes”! I don’t want to leave anyone out – it’s just that I’ve been sent oodles of photos of ladies, but no blokes.