The Sendo Z100

The Sendo Z100 I had an interesting email the other day. It was only a one line email. It said, “Hi, I just bought Sendo Z100 – one of the ten prototypes in the world, can i use on it qtek programs and games? Thanks.”

“EH?”, says I, “Yes you can – but can I have some piccies for the site mate?”

He sent them in, and I must say a big thank-you to “Hummer” for these fantastic pictures, which can be seen by clicking on the “read more” link below. “Hummer” is the webmaster of You may remember, back in the very early days of the Microsoft Smartphone, that Sendo were working with MS to develop a handset. It all went.. well, a bit pear shaped. Several lawsuits were flung about, and now it is said (by Sendo) that some parts of their design were used in the HTC Canary (the original SPV). Anyways.. The Sendo Z100 was seen way back in November 2002 here as they geared up with MS for launch, but the pictures below are much higher quality.

In a way it is a shame that this handset didn’t become more widespread. It never got launched, and now Sendo have announced their new Sendo X – however the Sendo X uses Symbian OS / Series 60, whereas this Z100 model used the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 software. The Z100 handset is probably as scarce as this Nokia housebrick.

Click on the images below for a bigger version.