Why aren’t skins portable?

Why arent skins portable?

Ok, so I’ve just received my Orange MPx200. It’s great – sure, it runs MS Smartphone 2002, but it’s still great. The first thing I did was to download the Bubbles skin from Kleinweder.ch. I use it on the SPV, I’ve used it on the E100 too.. all works fine.. but why, why, why does it – and many other excellent skins, NOT display properly on the Motorola MPx200 ?

Well, what’s happening is this.. On an SPV / E100 the SMS, MMS and EMail count is displayed in just numeric format – this is to tie in with the background, so it shows “0, 0, 0” etc. However – on the MPx200 it’s displayed as “SMS (0) MMS (0) Email (0)” this appears to be the bit that isn’t working correctly… 

Why does it do this ? Well, apparently it’s all due to the Motorola MMS software. It ain’t the same as the MMS software on the SPV range, so getting it to display how many MMS’s is different. The solution? The Motorola MMS software needs removing. How do you do that ? Well, you can’t just uninstall it – the phone won’t let you, so have to do a hard reset… but you lose all the Motorola software that comes on the phone.. Lucky then that MoDaCo.com has come to the rescue with this fix.