QTEK 8060

QTEK 8060 Over at Dangaard.fr,there is news of the QTek 8060. What’s a QTek you may say? Well, the geezers behind the SPV and QTek models are a company called HTC. They make the phones, then the networks tend to call them what they want. In this case, Orange call the HTC Voyager the “SPV E200”, and somehow this slightly re-modelled handset is called the QTek 8060.

From first impressions, it looks like it has the same feature-set as the SPV E200, although the styling is slightly different. It is also set to arrive this month according to Dangaard.fr. Strangely, it looks like a hybrid of an SPV 200 and an SPV – with the ear-piece and joystick assembly looking identical to the original SPV.

For pictures, click here for a front-view, or click here for a side-view, or click here for a rear-view where you can see the camera.

For much bigger, hi-quality piccies of the QTek 8060, click here.