Treo nonsense..

Treo nonsense.. Over at TreoCentral they’ve popped into one of Microsoft’s Mobility User tours to have a look how the Treo compares to the Microsoft Smartphone.

They appear to have got the wrong end of the stick though, and state that, “the first mainstream Windows Smartphone 2003 device, the Motorola MPx200, was released so I was curious about how this device fit into the vision of a smartphone platform” … errmm.. well, not quite – it runs 2002 actually. However, they do go on to say, “The first was a large Samsung model that ran on Verizon’s network, the other was Motorola’s little black MPx200 running on AT&T.” .. Now, I’ve never actually touched a Samsung MS Smartphone – mainly because I’m in the UK. Compared to the majority of mobile phones on sale here in the UK I have to say that the Samsung is .. well, a bit blocky. I love the Motorola – check out that design… well worth it!

All in all though, they’re pretty impressed with the MS Smartphone. 🙂 Some quotes directly from TreoCentral

“The wallpaper feature of the Treo 600 is a joke compared to Microsoft Smartphone’s customizability.”

“I think that one of the few things that Microsoft did well is streaming media out of the box.”

However they do have a swipe … which they’re allowed to do I guess, it is a Palm site after all.. they’re bound to be a bit bitter…

“What Microsoft has really created, in my opinion, is not a smartphone but a modern phone. Their device has all the features that one would expect of high-end phone in 2004. …. Their “smartphone” isn’t a smartphone in the way the Treo is.”

Bagh… More here at TreoCentral