Caption Competition Winners!

Caption Competition Winners! Well, it’s been a long time coming (we know, we know). We wanted to announce the winners on Christmas Day or around New Years, however we had to contact each winner in advance and arrange their prizes!

My personal thanks to the many hundreds of you that entered. The high-quality of submissions meant that each and every one was read by both me and Orange, which took quite a while! 🙂 Orange would also like to pass on their hearty congratulations to everyone. We had a great time choosing the winners – lots of laughs!

The winners, who had to come up with a witty catchphrase for the piccy on the right were…

Winning a brand new Orange SPV E200 was Paul Attley, who said..
“Barry realised that his new SPV smartcone wasn’t a spelling mistake on Ebay after all :)”

Brand new Orange SPV E100 handsets go to .. Darren Griffin, who said..
“Bluetooth? All I’m getting is red eye!”

Steve Eadie for..
“The future may be bright, but some people you just can’t help..”

Tao Schencks for..
“Filming for a scene from Star Wars EP2: Attack of the Cones was underway before the mistake was spotted”

..and Ruth Baillie for, “In the 1970’s camera attachments on mobile phones were somewhat “bulky”.”

We hope to have more competitions soon!