Mobility Party 2003

Mobility Party 2003 There’s some sites that have been on-line since the early days of the MS Smartphone., and… us! 🙂 But there was another – a fantastic French site called …… Now… I’m a normal bloke .. certain things attract my attention. Basic things like money, lager and women normally work best for pulling me in.

So over at they’re covering the Mobility Party 2003 … and there are some .. ermmm.. interesting pictures. It’s well worth checking out. Not just for the site, but also for the pictures of these girls at the Mobility Party

It’s worth noting here that in order to be successful at Smartphone / Mobile conferences or meetings like this, it’s probably necessary to have very nice ladies with gadgets.. 🙂 Blokes (and there unfortunately appears to be a lot of blokes in IT and using Smartphones) like pretty ladies 🙂

More info on the Mobility Party here at

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