Am I paid by Smart ?!

Am I paid by Smart ?! I like the Smart network, they’ve put the MS Smartphone well and truely on the map in the Philippines … however.. I’ve had several emails from customers of Smart saying that they should come here for support. This is excellent ! Wooo!!! 🙂 Thanks guys 🙂

However, I would like some sort of recognition / donation from Smart, as they’re now telling customers that support is offered by on behalf of Smart, and they’re directly pointing people here instead of assisting people with their queries. Also, people are emailing me to say that Smart have already contacted me and have received permission from me to do their support!? Also, other emails have said that Smart are paying me to do this?!

Errmm.. no, no and no on all counts ! 🙂 Sure, people are quite free to come here and get help – that is why this site was set up, but no money and no agreement has been exchanged between me and Smart. I should not be considered for first-line support either. 🙁

If Smart, or any Smart customers, could email me – this would be greatly appreciated. I’m as confused about all this as you guys!