The next Moto Smartphone – Leaked Info?

The next Moto Smartphone   Leaked Info? More bits of info are coming out about the Motorola MPx220 – the next Motorola Smartphone. Remember to take this info with a “pinch of salt” – as you may remember the rumours about the E200 being named the “c200” etc. However, this story states that it will have a full colour inner AND outer screen, plus an external antanna, uprated GPRS, integrated camera, integrated phone dialing and of course Windows Mobile 2003.. strangely no mention of Bluetooth though? Hmmm..

It’s called the MPx.2 here, which we can only presume is the codename for the new handset. Also, we notice that these specs, which appear to have come from some weird x-ray or dodgey photo-copy (!) detail the SAME battery as the MPx200, with an option to purchase a bigger, more powerful one if you choose. This HAS to be sorted – if this phone is gonna have Bluetooth then the battery must be able to cope from the word go.

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